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A little over a week ago, there were warnings that hurricane Earl would hit the northeast coast so people from North Carolina to Maine were advised to either batten down the hatches or evacuate. My family and I had plans for a last-hurrah-before-school beach day at the Jersey shore and changed our minds due to the reported riptides. Instead, my daughter and her friends went to the movies and I went to the office where each time I glanced out my window on the clear, steamy, sun glorious day, I wondered why I listened to all the hurricane hype. I thought: I could’ve been staring out to sea instead of at a computer screen. My kid could’ve been frolicking in the briny waves instead of sitting bug-eyed in a dark theater. And as my thoughts churned in bitterness, my emotional undercurrents began to drag me down – my shoulders slouched, my fingers thumped on the keyboard – I was being pulled away from shore as if in a riptide of my own making. So, I sat up and tried to stimulate a fresh thought pattern.

Since it’s impossible to swim against a riptide, I was only able to latch on to a slight variation of my negativity which was in effect like swimming parallel to shore: Or, we all could’ve been sun burnt, or battered in the surf, or stuck in a bumper-to-bumper exodus on the Garden State. Anything could have happened. Then I reached calmer waters, I recognized that I was dwelling in a fairy tale land of what-ifs, and I was able to regain a foothold in reality. My thoughts changed to gratitude for what is: My family and I are safe and sound. All is well. Then I glanced out my office window again. This time my mind was in sync with my eyes, and I could appreciate the sun glinting on the river and honor the beauty of the here and now.

Being in the NOW. It’s ancient wisdom. It’s Zen. It’s an idea exclaimed again by Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now and by Joel Olsteen in his Christian ministries and in Psychology Today and by pretty much every self-help or spiritual guru worth their salt. It’s an idea that bears repeating in multiple tongues over and over again because it’s not easy. At least, not for me. I need daily sometimes hourly reminders and a variety of tactics for how-to return to the now because my monkey mind is so clever it invariably picks the lock on a cage.

The first time the idea of “the now” was presented to me was when I was 29 years old and just about to turn 30. I was strolling in the West Village on a lovely Sunday morning in Spring with Topaz, my friend and spiritual teacher, and lamenting about being 30 without any of the adult accouterments. Topaz listened to me moan and complain about my lack of focus, lack of direction, lack of passion etc etc etc until she stopped me in my tracks. She literally stepped right in front of me, stood nose to nose, and commanded, “Linda, be where your feet are.”

Topaz was a striking woman at a distance with her burgundy hair, leopard spandex leggings, and signature purple jacket, boots & bag, and, up close, all of her colors were utterly arresting. I stopped. I did as she said and looked down at my black Reeboks planted on a pock-marked, gum-stained, slab of concrete sidewalk. Then raised my eyes to meet her fiery green eyes and said, “Ya, so? My feet are on 12th Street between 5th and University. How is that gonna find me a career?”

More than twenty years later, with plenty of experience and enough 20-20 hindsight to understand the merits of Topaz’s suggestion, it’s still an effort on an average day to be in the now with my feet. And, in the Spring of 2009, in the lag time when I was waiting for the plan to save my life, forget about it, staying in the moment was a Herculean labor. Fortunately, I, like Hercules, had a number of tools and Divine assistance.
Actually, I think my primary tool is trusting that there is Divine assistance. Plus, I believe that the messages from on High regarding my highest good in the future are in the details of the present moment, so I pay attention. I try to pay attention to my urges, my environment, the people in my path, and the stories they have to tell me either directly, meaning verbally, or, indirectly by the way they reflect me. Of course, I can have considerable ADD in these matters, but not when I’m feeling lost or scared. When I’m scared, I’m hyper alert.

For instance, I was scared the day after the doc told me that cancer was found in a lymph node, so as per suggestion of Thomas Windlow, the psychic healer I contacted soon after my breast cancer diagnosis, I turned on music. Thomas’s suggestion to me was that I ought to “blast music to heal.” Perhaps he meant to promote vibrational healing through sound which, as it happened, I would learn more about in the days to come; but, on that day, I only knew to turn on my iTunes so I could sing and dance myself into the now – the now in which I was (I am) alive and healthy and connected to all my senses.

Now, my iTunes is always on shuffle, so the playlist is random, and yet the first song that played that day seemed to be selected for me. “Something’s gonna turn out right,” sang Alice in Chains and I sang along with them, loudly. Then, the next tuneĀ  told me, “Don’t worry ’bout a thing. Cause every little thing’s gonna be alright.”

“Yeah!” I exclaimed and in that moment I was right with me feet dancing a happy little reggae dance because the Divine spoke to me through Bob Marley.

(to be cont.)


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